NOUS | Petits Lofts



Since Mother Nature rules in Agel and the locals embrace the tranquillity, you will live in a quiet oasis where you will not find a terrace or a night shop on every corner. 

To lift your holiday feeling to an even higher level of relaxation, we put together the following packages for you:

Arrivée!                       € 9,- pp

You’re arriving late and chances are that your bag is filled with sticky sandwiches and lukewarm drinks. You must be craving something sweet and is it already time to open that bottle of wine? Ah Oui! That’s even more enjoyable with a snack. You are right about that, stretch your legs and toast on the start of your vacation! We will provide you with something to enjoy.


Petit-déjeuner             € 12,- pppd

Would you like to sleep in a bit longer and not have to wait in the queue at the bakery at 8 a.m. for those irresistible croissants and baguettes? Make sure your table is set at 9.30 because we will deliver your breakfast at that time! Et voilà! Croissants, baquettes, marmalade, butter, cheese, boiled eggs, orange juice and yoghurt with muesli.


Bbq box incl. gasbbq  € 16,50 pp

Vegetarian, fish or meat? Nous avons tout! Send your wishes through Incl. baquette, herb butter, salads and 4 kinds of vegetarian, fish or meat.


Du vin box                   € 38,- 

Taste the most delicious local wines from our village. Santé! Six bouteilles de vin. 


Do you have a favourite? You know where to find us and we will fill up your car 😉


Picknick box               € 16,- pp

Take a walk in the forest together or enjoy the magnificent view from the top of our mountain with these ‘Délicatesses locales’. Or just sit by the pool, in our front garden or on your own terrace… 


Y compris tout box      € 45,- pp

If you are thinking, actually: Je veux tout (I want everything!). Let us surprise you….