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Agel is located in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, in the departement Hérault. In this region you will find many fisherman’s villages and harbor towns – as well as modern marinas.

The region is known for its excellent route du vins, horseback riding, hiking and (mountain) biking trails. It’s the perfect destination to discover the great outdoors of southern France.

Sometimes it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. If you are looking for a beautiful and quiet rest stop on your travels, Agel is a central location for all travelers to Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
The town of Agel offers idyllic French elements in its cultural history and architecture.

Food and drink

Every Tuesday, an old-fashioned convenience van comes by and stops in the square next to the fountain for your everyday grocery supplies.


The bakery in Aigues Vives is open on Sundays for fresh baked bread, croissants and baguettes! On Fridays and Saturdays, you can order delicious homemade pizzas at the bakery. Closed on Monday.


If you’re looking to go out close to NOUS: the nearby town Bize Minervois (6 minutes by car) offers cozy terraces on the waterfront and a great selection of restaurants.


Strolling along the Canal du Midi and looking for a place for a drink (or two)? At only 15 minutes from NOUS you can find Le Somail. This place is a true gem!

At Lo Caragol in Aigne you can enjoy the traditional French cuisine. The idyllic terrace is like a scene from Emily in Paris. They serve classic dishes like foie gras and scallop skewers. Recommendation: the gratinated oysters. If you want to have dinner at Lo Caragol, it is advisable to make a reservation. Aigne is less than a 10-minute drive from Agel.


We LOVE Sushi! It just so happens to be that a Belgian lady located in Ginsestas who makes to most deliciously fresh Sushi. Tip: her Sushi is so popular, that ordering in advance is a must.


Feel like barbequing? Ask us about our policy!

Languedoc Roussillon

The former provinces of Languedoc and Roussillon, of which the bustling student city of Montpellier was the capital, together cover an area that runs from the foothills of the Pyrenees to the mouth of the Rhône.

Since the regional division of January 2016, the region has been part of the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées region. Since 24 June 2016, this part of France has been officially called Occitania.

The coastal area was the first part of Gaul to be conquered by the Romans. The great amphitheater of Nîmes and the magnificent Pont du Gard still bear witness to their domination. The monasteries of St-Martin-du-Canigou and St-Michel-de-Cuxa are examples of early Romanesque architecture, untouched by the Gothic style from the north.

The Languedoc-Roussillon region is also the territory of the Cathars, a movement that sought a pure faith in the south of France in the 12th and 13th centuries. As a result, they clashed with the Roman Church, for whom power and money were the most important. The remnants of the Cathar castles and the perfectly restored Cité of Carcassonne are telling relics of bloody medieval wars.

The flat beaches and lagoons form an area specially created for tourism that attracts millions of visitors every year. In between lies a dry and sunburnt land that produces great quantities of wine.

In the past, the emphasis in wine production was on quantity, but in recent decades this has changed: the winegrowers are increasingly striving for quality. Languedoc-Roussillon is the largest wine region in France, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and Spain.
This vast area has more than 25 microclimates. This means that Languedoc consists of more than 25 different wine regions, each with its own type of soil, temperature, rain and hours of sunshine.

In addition, the winemakers in this area, much more than in the rest of France, can determine the characteristics of their wine themselves. This often makes it difficult to distinguish quality wines based on the label. To make it even more difficult, they also use a huge number of different grape varieties. Yet this often leads to surprisingly beautiful wines.

In short: the attractive climate, the fascinating history and culture, the beautiful architecture of the cities, not to mention the viticulture of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, are attractive elements for spending a longer period of time in this part of Occitania.

Bize Minervois

Bize minervois is a village 8 minutes away and one of our favourites.

There is a beautiful walking route through the forest from NOUS to Bize Minervois of about 45 minutes. You pass a real French petting zoo and you can even walk in the morning to the best Boulangerie we have discovered so far! 

There is a small town river where the children can play, swim and catch fish.

You can linger on one of the terraces, our favourite being café du midi, located on a real French courtyard!

You will find 2 pizzerias and there is a local supermarket.

La grange and La Salette are also highly recommended for a good dinner moment.

For your diary: The 3rd weekend of July is the Festival of the Olive Tree in Bize Minervois:. This is the day that brings the most people into the village. A crowd of traders display their local products, a competition is organised aioli and a delicious meal


Our favourite beach is Le Gruissan beach in Marteiille, which offers a long stretch of wide sandy beaches with a stunning view of the mountains behind you. A great plus is the parking at Le Gruissan beach. It’s easy to find a parking spot. Another plus is that the water is very shallow, which makes this an excellent beach for kids. It also has a hip little beach café for a drink in the sun!


As of 2019, Beaufort is officially included in this route as a stage location for pilgrims. Beaufort is a beautiful village less than 10 minutes away from NOUS. From this village, you get to the GR 77 or the camino to Santiago de Compostela. This is a new variant of the Chemin d’Arles or Via Tolosana, the southernmost of the four pilgrim routes (Montpellier-Toulouse-Santiago de Compostela).  


In the historic center of Agel you will find the beautiful heritage listed Château d’Agel. 

For more information on its rich history and on other cultural sights, the restaurants and cafés of Agel and its surroundings, please visit 

In the town square near the fountain you will find a Post Office and a small Tourism Office. 
Fresh olives and delicious olive oil you will find at this lovely couple’s place: Each year in May, they organise a picnic in their vineyard!
Reservations on request. 

La Pêche forest

Right behind NOUS – Petits Lofts, you will find the La Pêche forest. 

With great hiking and (mountain) biking trails, La Pêche offers everything you’re looking for to escape the rush of life and to find yourself in the pristine elements of nature.

Cesse river

If you’re planning on taking a walk through the beautiful countryside, you will most likely come across the Cesse river.

 In Agel, the river resurfaces from the bowels of the earth, which makes it a great spot for cooling off in the filtered, clear waters that run for 30 kilometers.
Going down the course of the Cesse from Agel, you will discover picturesque bathing areas. Swim in the clear waters, sunbathe on the rocks and shower under the waterfall.
You can’t come closer to nature than to literally bathe in its beauty


The town of Minerve is only a twenty-minute drive from Agel and is listed as one of the 153 most beautiful villages of France!
In Minerve, the Briant river and the Cesse river harmoniously come together. This town is a must see when you visit us at NOUS Petits Lofts. Largasse and Olargues are also listed and in the near of your holiday at NOUS. 

Routes du vin

We have carefully curated a list of beautiful wine routes for you, including their distance from Agel.
These wineries are highly recommended by locals. Some wineries have special offers in the high season of July and August, with attractive offers on local wines.

  1. Domaine La Provenquire | La Provenquire 34310 Capestang | 22 km 

  2. Les Caves des Saint Chinian | Chemin de Sorteilho 34360 Saint Chinian | 20 km

  3. Chateau Paul Mas | D5 Route de Villeveyrac 34530 Montagnac | 69 km 

  4. Chateau MIre L’ Etang | La Clape wines | 11560 Fleury D’Aube | 51 km

  5. Domaine La Baume | Route Pezenas 34290 Servian | 52 km

  6. Cave de Fontes | 16 Bd Jules Ferry 34320 Fontes | 60 km

  7. Cave L’ Estabel | 20 Route de Fontes 34800 Cabrieres | 61km

Cities around the corner

Agel is very centrally located if you wish to visit surrounding towns and cities in southern France and Spain. We have created a list of beautiful places for you to visit during your stay at NOUS – Petits Lofts.


Minerve | 9 km                          Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

Lac de Jouarres |13 km       Water Activities

Narbonne | 21 km                  Culture & History

Beziers | 29 km                        Culture & History

Gruissan | 32 km                     Beach & Culture

Roquebrun | 33 km                River & Culture

Lagrasse | 33 km                      Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

Carcassone | 43 km               Culture & History

Olargues | 48 km                     Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

Agde | 50 km                              Beach & Nature

Sète | 68 km                                Beach & Nature

Montpellier | 89 km               Culture & History

Girona | 185 km                        Spain  

Barcelona | 280 km                 Spain 

Tips for a day trip

Planet Ocean in Montpellier is an underwater dreamworld for kids as well as for adults!

The Safari Park in Sigean is a beautiful drive-through wildlife park, which additionally offers a walk-through Zoo. There’s a great chance you will see an elephant or a bear crossing the road!

At Le Somail you can hire a boat for a day on the Canal du Midi.

In the area there are many markets, from vintage and antique markets to garage sales, which are called vide grenier! Keep an eye out for the road signs and have a look at this website:

Are you into cycling? On the website you will find the most beautiful routes of the region.

There are many weekly markets in the area. Have a look at this website:

Within a 2.5-hour drive from Agel, there is a fantastic region for skiing:

Or go on an adventure with your gravel- or mountainbike and find your perfect route on:

On this website you will find a regional activity calendar and also many walking and cycling routes:

In our village you can do wine tasting at 2 locations: